CES 2014 Technology Expo

1The CES 2014 Technology Expo was definitely amazing to say the least. There were so many new and interesting products which I hadn’t anticipated on and off the showroom floor. It’s crazy to think we thought there was nothing brewing amongst the manufactures, makers and builders. When in fact there were so many cool and unique inventions. It was the little guys that were making a huge impact with all these neat ideas.

The one thing that caught my eye at the event definitely had the be the onewheel it was a motorized skateboard balancing on one wheel. That definitely caught my eyes as it was surprising bold and cool. You steer with your body weight and the way you maneuver is by leaning forward to move and leaving back to slow down. It runs on battery and the battery lasts up to 6 miles once charged. The speed of the onewheel is 12 miles per hour.

Another favorite of mine the Electric scooter, it promises to be the most compact vehicle out there as it fold up to the size of a suitcase.

I have to admit I had been really looking forward to the expo as I had anticipated great inventions but didn’t know exactly what to expect.  Over all I must say it exceeded my expectations.

2I made sure to prepare beforehand to ensure all was on mark.  Starting from having my camera, my phone charged and made sure to pick something suitable with a touch of charm. So after a few hours I decided to wear my frilly charming corset which I had previously purchased from www.secretcorset.com which looked absolutely stunning with my dark jeans and my low fur boots. So I’m happy to say the event went really well, I took so many pictures which I will upload, made a few great friends and got some cute compliments.  All in all a very successful event.

Iphone Cases and Accessories

1Everywhere you turn there is a stand full of iPhone cases or accessories.  It is very hard to pick the unique iPhone case that works for you with a large amount of cases available on the market. Many colors, designs and textures.  Some cases are made of rubber, fabric and leather and covered in glitter or rhinestone.  When it comes to the case, you would want to pick something comfortable and non intrusive.

Belkin make great quality iphone cases.  They do cost a bit more than others, roughly around $30 but you obviously get what you pay for.  They will last long and won’t break or tear easily.  One thing to keep in mind when buying a case is to not take away from your phones appeal. You want to keep in the vicinity of your phone look.  You don’t want to enclose every corner and crevice of your phone as sometimes this may interfere with your service or reception.  Some Plastic or Metal covers can drop your reception to very low levels.

Also, make sure that the case does not cover your buttons, ports and switches.  As you do not want anything interfering with your comfort or usage of the phone.  Iphone cases come in many different colors and textures.  There are brand name cases such as Louie Vuitton or guess for those seeking a high end design.

For those wanting a little bling, there are cases made of rhinestone, crystals or glitter for shiny stand out designs.  They come in multi colors and stones for a glamorous touch.  Pink bows, cute Flowers or pearl butterflies.  It’s really up to taste at this point.  These covers tend to be more of a hit with young women.

For those seeking a sleek design but need some help with reception.  The bumper cases help do just that.  They were made to boost signal strength.  The iFound Lost & Found System is really cool new system which allows you to worry free about losing your phone when you are out and allows for others to call you when found.

For those wishing to drive hands free, you can always purchase great quality headphones which may be integrated into your phone.  Make sure to pick up a pair which are high in quality so that you may hear better than cheap ones which will crack or shut off.

2A small but very useful iPhone accessory is the screen protector.  You would not believe how helpful these are and how they prevent scratches from occurring.  Let’s not lie as much as we want to keep our phones protected they do occasionally go flying and the last thing you want is a scratch or a break.

Whether it is to protect or beautify your phone there are many accessories available either in store or online.  Just compare prices and find a good quality product for your money.  Some cheaper items need re buying within day or months instead buying one shot and going for high quality.

PlayStation4 is finally Here!

1The long awaited and Anticipated PlayStation4 has hit the markets and the shelves were left empty almost within hours of it’s unveiling.  It is currently unavailable at many different local stores as many wait for more to hit the shelves.  The Sony PlayStation 4 has been sought after for a long time now for many different reasons and we shall dive into a few reasons to see just why.

For example, the computing power is simply amazing. The fast processor which is the heart of the console means faster picture motion and better playing experience.

A standout function for the PS4 is the 8GB RAM.  This high end memory is hardly ever seen in such sort of products thus making it a unique product.  PC graphics usually cost tons of money when carrying such a high memory.

The internal storage comes in  500GB 2.5-inch SATA which is quite an upgrade from the PlayStation 3 which only had 20GB storage.  That i must say is quite an improvement.

The Video and Audio Output, Wired and Wireless Connectivity, Controller and Accessories are just a few other reasons why the PS4 has been long waited for by many gamers.  It will change your gaming experience.  You are able to do so much more with so much intensity provided.  It’s no wonder why they didn’t last very long on the shelves.

When comparing the Xbox to PS3 the difference in graphics solely relied on the games themselves and how they were made. When it comes to the Xbox and PS4 however the difference is much larger.  Due to major configurations and changes made with the console it’s self.  Looking under the hood so to speak.  It all starts with a solid ground then the rest that follows.

Sony has always been a leader in technology.  High Quality LCD TVs, stereos with incredible clarity in sound, crisp clear head phones and much more.  They seem to know how to push the envelope when it comes to the tech world.  Which is why people tend to choose Sony for their technological needs.

My best friend did end up getting his hands on one and let me tell you.  It’s a whole new experience to game lovers.  The quality, picture, sound, sounding, just everything was amazing.  The pictures all too real, the console so receptive, fast paced movements.  Graphics so real almost human life.  No wonder the PlayStation becomes an addiction.  With so many games ready to purchase, you will never run out.

2For the price i think it’s definitely worth it, i believe it is selling for $399 at our local tech store which i think is pretty fair for those game lovers. For the features and the quality it delivers this is nothing short of extraordinary. This would make the perfect gift for that special someone.  Make sure to pick a few hit games along the way as there are many to choose from.  Killzone, The Order, Destiny, inFamous Second Son, Call of Duty, DriveClub and Battlefield are just to name a few.

Ground Breaking Nikon D3200

1The Ground Breaking 24.2mpx Nikon D3200 was a huge success and a great addition to DSLR cameras.  The light weight compact, high quality superb light intake camera is stunning. It offers professional quality functions for such a low price tag.  You get great value for your money.  Any level photographer would be happy with the Nikon D3200 for it’s high resolution images and easy to use menu.

The 24.2mpx provides stunning quality images for amateurs and professionals.  The video quality is just as superb.  Beautiful shot scenic vibes added to crisp detailed images and video quality.  There is a great amount of lighting and brightness that is brought in internally for extraordinary shots.  Even when shooting in a dark setting, this camera will bring in more lighting leaving you with breathtaking images.

You can use different settings for manual shooting, meaning you can dim the flash, adjust the ISO for your preference of lighting or you can simply shoot in Auto.  Meaning it adjust to the surrounding lighting and shoot accordingly.  I personally love shooting using the Auto function and was never able to do that previously.

If you are looking to upgrade from your current camera to a digital professional one then this is your one stop shop.  Great quality camera for a great low price.  You can’t possibly go wrong.  It offers a 2 inch view for a live view where you can easily see what you are shooting. It offers a great amount of auto focus for sharp images, the more auto focus available the better and clearer the images will be.  This camera offers many which is why the images and video are shot in high quality resolution.

2I myself, purchased a Nikon D3200 over the weekend and let me tell you i am completely in love.  I used to have the canon rebel which don’t get me wrong was still nice but i was really looking forward to moving in the world of high megapixels. I went from a 10mxp to a 24.2mpx and the difference for me is huge.  The superb quality on the images and video were simply amazing.  The amount of lighting brought in and natural light tones were one of a kind.  I have never had so much lighting appear in images unless i would use the assistance of Photoshop.  But with this camera the images come out as if already been Photoshopped prior.  I also love the lightweight as opposed to my older and bulkier one.  This simply feels like a breeze while shooting.

This camera is perfect for those seeking a high end camera for a low price.  Why spend thousands when you can have the same quality for a much lower price.  This camera is way better than a point-and-shoots as some of these cost just the same but don’t offer the same professional quality.  The Nikon D3200 was highly rated and is highly recommended for many good reasons.  When you have the chance stop by a near shop and try one on for yourself and see the difference this camera can make.

5 Reasons why you should upgrade to Iphone5

iphone5ComparisonThe iphone is in high demand and sales have skyrocketed. Thus making the iphone highly in demand and a must have for everyone. Making many other cellphones almost obselete even the blackberry it seems. Many people seem to be switching over to the iphone daily and now with the iphone5 there are many great features which we will discuss here.

Need for Speed, which is a definite must. Some of the older iphones tend to be a bit slower especially when browsing online and when working with applications. The processor on the upgraded iphone 5 is so much faster enabling you with much faster surfing. Checking email, surfing the web, watching videos and tweeting has been made so much faster with the new processor. The iphone 5 also features smooth graphics for simplicity and better performance. Especially for gamers.

Better Viewing Experience, which means the display and screen size are bigger and better. They are made for easier handling making it a wonderful handset. At 9mm tall, the iphone5 is capable of handling more applications on the screen. A huge advantage to a bigger screen is a better view in terms of watching movies or videos. It’s not at all cluttered or too tight.

Better Picture and Video Quality
With the 8mpx camera, the iphone5 shoots amazing quality pictures and videos. If you’re the type of person who loves taking lot’s of pictures with your phone then look no further as you will get high quality images you will love. Taking simultanous pictures is made easy with the tap button. No need to figit around just to capture one picture at a time. You are able to take many at a time and never miss a shot.

Style, the iphone5 is so sleek and much lighter. It’s definitely the type of phone that is sure to make a fashion statement. Crafted to perfection and fits right in your palm. It’s a lighter, sleeker non bulky gadget for those seeking the perfect phone. The slim body and non abtrusive button make the iphone5 very stylish.

Last but not least let’s not forget New Technology. Why wouldn’t you want to have the latest technology and the iphone5 guarantees just that. If you have older versions of the iphone it would be in your best interest to uprage for all the many good reasons provided. Better Quality, higher resolution and much faster fast. Uprading from an iphone4 to 5 is a major difference and those with older versions would benefit very much by uprading to the latest iphone. I upraded my iphone soon as the new version came out and i could not be happier. Everything works so well and i have no problems whatsoever. Even my phone reception seems to be better. Only thing i suggest for those who work in harsh environment would be to buy a case and keep your phone secure. You wouldn’t want to shatter your screens. They are easy to replace but why not be cautious avoiding such a thing.

Vacations is a time to unplug

Eleuthera-Bahamas-BeachMy latest vacation hotspot was to the unique and beautiful Island of Bahamas. It really does offer an experience of a lifetime. The good thing about Bahamas is that it offers many kinds of vacations, romantic ones, eco-tourism or with simply family and friends. I decided to go with my best friend Karen.  We ended up going to this great resort.  We have been in talks of going for months and we finally though it was time to get our feet wet. We went scuba diving, swam with the dolphins and hit up some of the hottest nightclubs. There are many popular island you can visit such as Nassau, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama and so much more. We just had our eyes fixed on Nassau, as some of the pictures we had seen showcased out of this world beauty. From the water, to the sand to the delicious mouth watering meals.

In the daytime, water sports and swimming were amazing as the clear blue sky water soaked our bodies readily with salted water. As we had been told, Bahamas really does have the best beaches in the world. That is without a doubt. The great thing about Bahamas, is that you can easily enjoy an isolated remote beach for a peaceful and quiet swim to a sun filled packed beach side for a more in the action traction. All the beaches were beautiful miles to no end. Thankfully we bought sexy light coloured bikinis from www.orchiddreams.com for sexy wear lingerie.  Orchid dreams provided me with and my friend with a great selection and fast shipping, check them out if you are looking for sexy club dresses as well.  Before purchasing, I did my research at a good sexy dresses blog called clubwearblog.com..  A girl gotta stay two steps ahead of the competition.  We also made sure to bring along dark tanners for a sexy glowing tan. When visiting Bahamas make sure to bring along SPF as the sun is really strong and a few self tanners for those wishing to get color.

Along the way, we made friends with a few very welcoming locals. They brought us to a magnificent giant waterfront to an island that was a few hour drive away to do some fishing. That was truly an experience of a lifetime, we caught fish of different colours and sizes. Some i had never even seen before. I had never fished before so this was of great fun and success.

The accommodations and food at the resort we stayed out were undoubtedly 5 stars. Succulent meats and sea food plates prepared to perfection. Rooms so clean and crisp. The nighttime entertainment and drinks were excellent. Overall this was the best trip i have ever been on and my biggest suggestion is the next time you are booking your next vacation make sure to make Bahamas at the top of your list.

The accommodations and food at the resort we stayed out were undoubtedly 5 stars. Succulent meats and sea food plates prepared to perfection. Having pasta and delicious sauce prepared right there and then was superb. Rooms so clean and crisp. Not a single dent or scratch anywhere, rooms well lit and the aroma scented rooms were just phenomenal. The nighttime entertainment and drinks were excellent. Having custom made vodka or specialty mojito drinks were sublime. Just the right amount of flavour for perfect all around drinks. Overall this was the best trip i have ever been on and my biggest suggestion is the next time you are booking your next vacation make sure to make Bahamas at the top of your list. It is the type of vacation that will stay with you for years to come, just be sure to bring a camera and take those memories home. Everything was perfect, even the plane ride home.

iPad mini is here and it’s Fantastic!

The ipad mini is finally here. Small, Compact, Sleek yet carries all the big features with it. Here it is at last, The long awaited and anticipated newest gagdet from apple. It is the latest tablet in mini form released by apple. They are best known for having undoubtedly the best technological devices to date. The reason why i love apple and all their wonderful gadgets is simply because they are the best at what they do. For example, the life span and warranty on their products beyond exceeds your expectations. They have a long history of upholding their hassle free return or manufacture defect easy fix.

It all starts with the iphone, which has gone through many fazes to their next wonderful invention the ipad tablets which are extremely popular amongst many. The tablet is a easy to carry laptop with an unbelievable battery life span. Once charged fully it can last up to days. Which i find extroardinary therefore i alwats check to make sure it is fully charged before unplugging and usage. iPadminiRD_Svr_PSR_PF_PB_PRINT-p187go18t11jevtrk1dfa1c5dusm

Along came the ipad mini, i love the new reduced screen size as opposed to the standard one which was close to 10 inches. The ipad mini is a bit easier for me to carry to just about anywhere. It has so many great features and capabiliites. It is currently on version IOS 7 sharing connection over Wi-Fi Bluetooth and USB. Downloading off itunes is made even easier. The ipad mini comes with pre installed applications such as Safari, Mail, Photos, Video, Music, iTunes, App Store, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts and much more. All backups can still be done using icould as previous tablet. The hardware contains four buttons which are most used for turning the tablet on and off, one for home, one for volume plus a software controlled function.

The reviews for the ipad mini have been remarkable. Many people simply love the compact yet great featues that it has. When it comes to Apple, their products are simply the best. You just know your money is well spent when it comes to one of their gadgets. I currently own all Apple Products and would never think of changing to anything else.  Their support is also top notch.  One of my favorite things about owning a Mac computer has been till this day that viruses do not seem to be a problem at all. They have never been an issue thus making me a very satisfied and happy customer.

The reviews for the ipad mini have been remarkable.  Many people simply love the compact yet great featues that it has. When it comes to Apple, their products are simply the best.  You just know your money is well spent when it comes to one of their gadgets.  You can purchase the ipad many at many different retail stores and locations even online.  Just be aware that the product you are purchasing online is legitimate.  My suggestion is to always buy from the source you can trust.  For anything Mac or Apple related simply visit their local store.  Better to be safe than sorry, the price may be a bit higher but you at least know what you are getting is 100% real deal. The ipad mini obviously over time will drop a bit in price, but don’t be afraid it is not overly priced.  It’s a great gadget for a great price. My favorite is Apple and their Products are simply outstanding. One of my favorite things about owning a Mac computer has been till this day that viruses do not seem to be a problem at all.  They have never been an issue thus making me a very satisfied and happy customer.